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From the initial blunder intoTARGET'S range, to now unconsciously already cooperation......
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News:Author:Bertha Published:2012-08-16


From the initial blunder into TARGET'S range, to now unconsciously already cooperation ten years.

In the ten years, We cooperate with the main intermediaries:

D67 DEPT.  (service since 2002 ), and  main products include paper rope crochet placemat, PP  placemat. ten years accumulated 4.6 million shipments. Paper woven cushion for leaning on, natural material cushion accumulated 140000 shipments.

D234 DEPT. (service since 2008),and main products include baskets for Valentine's Day, 3 years accumulated 220000 shipments. Pp straps bag 3 years accumulated 680000 shipments. PP braided bag 2 years of accumulated 210000 shipments. PP braid basket 2 years shipments of 190000. Natural material wheat straw basket 3 years up to 1.55 million shipments. This update products in 2013 beach series the following warning order paper knitting hat 410000, paper braided bag 490000. To start the test and a series of work.

D240 DEPT. (seivice since 2012)main products paper braided bag, Easter bucket. Has completed order number 70000. The following warning order number 160000.

 In the ten years,  TARGET  developed our QA team, production team, the research and development team and business to trade team. 

TARGET10 years training us, and at the same time we also with the best results to return.


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