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Qingdao City Pingdu Yongliang Arts & Crafts Factory
Dianzi Town industrial zone,Pingdu ,Qingdao ,Shandong ,China   
Tel:086 532 58826969  
      086 532 67773023  
Fax:086 532 84328592 (Administration) (Quality Control)

 About Y&L

      Qingdao will be forever good the handicraft factory to be abundant located at the straw braid, good communications straw braid handicraft base------Qingdao Pingdu Shop town.

      Will be forever good the craft to produce the Chinese tradition the hand to arrange the handicraft primarily, the collection design, the production, in a body, the product sell in distant markets the world, forever will be in recent years good the handicraft factory to create the traditional process and the modern design especially in a body‘s design style, prominent green life. Achieves user-friendly, achieving diligently with the green establishment art, makes the life with the nature. The main product has take the grass, the paper, pu, the straw, PVC, PP, PE, the corn hulls, the package core and so on as raw material establishment craft basket, the craft package, the craft meal pad, the craft shoes and hats, the up-to-date styling, the quality excellent, but the furnished raw material processing may also incoming sample ordering.

      This factory strives for the survival by the quality, strives for the development by the prestige. The spirit of enterprise earnestly carries out take the letter as a book, uses quality to compete. The quality policy establishes the equal, the mutually beneficial trade ties sincerely with the world‘s the trade public figure.

      This factory Manager Zhang Yongliang takes along all staff‘s warm welcome domestic and foreign customers to discuss to the company instructs us to hope by the first-class technology, the first-class service, the top quality, belongs to your quality product for your table body making!

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